The experiences that I lead are em­bodied in various
editorial research and self-commission projects. With my
partner, Pauline Sesniac, we also respond to visual identity
and graphic objects orders within the Pauvre Terre studio.

I am particularly interested in popular cultures as well
as in vernacular practices. The images I am collecting
and shifting dialogue with the collective imaginary.
I experiment modes of construction, consumption and
re-appropriation of stories, especially fiction, through
print and digital editorial projects.

Always looking for collaborations,
feel free to get in touch with me …

… by mail :
… by phone : 06 59 74 43 99
… or on instagram

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with the support of Lucas Sifoni (Documents).

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2020 — now

Graphic design Master degree, Ensad, Nancy

2018 — 2020

Graphic design Bachelor, Ensba, Lyon

2016 — 2018

Graphic design graduation, La Martinière High school, Lyon

Communication & printed media option

2015 — 2016

Skills upgrade classes for applied arts, La Martinière High school, Lyon


Scientific Baccalaureat, Bellevue High school, Alès

European section



Studio management for Ilan Manouach, Athènes

Editorial, graphic and typographic design


Portfolio, Documents, Nancy

Advanced website customiation workshop

Summer School, Ravius Textor, Nevers

Collective exhibition around a ping-poetry tournament

R+R, Olivier Lebrun & Urs Lehni, Lyon

Graphic tennis on offset plate between HKB Berne and Ensba Lyon's students

« On fait quoi pour vous aujourd’hui ? », Virginie Gauthier & Manon Bruet, Lyon

Designing an editorial project per day from Supermarket gleaned matters


The first, the second, the third and the fourth, Parade Paradise, New-York

A walking publishing experience proposed by Parade Paradise at the Emily Harvey Foundation

STF Crab, Set-up of a typographic workshop from fabric drops with Marielle Nicolas, Pauline Bourdet, Aurane Loury, Roméo Abergel & Piero Belderbos, Karlsruhe

Mystery typeface, Museum of printing and graphic communication, Lyon

Typographic investigation, type design & letterpress characters manufacture

Artwork production support, Xavier Antin, La Courneuve

Printing, resin, casting & different techniques

Poster System, Thomas Petitjean (SpasskyFischer), Lyon

Poster system design about Werner Herzog documentary movies

Saturday Type Fever, Nofoundry, Karlsruhe

Type marathon, type design


Small sizes, Thomas Huot-Marchand & Sandrine Nugue, Lyon

Type design workshop

Grids, Damien Gautier, Lyon

Layouting grid systems workshop

The Eternal Network, Tom Castinel, Lyon

Reflexion on digital metavers and the avatar

Bot Museum, Juliette Goiffon & Charles Beauté (Ultragramme), Lyon

Introduction to computers bots, programs and graphic application design


Internship at Atelier Chambre Noire, Julien Saniel, Villeurbanne

Poster design, illustration, type design & various printed objects

Augmented Humanity, Simon Renaud, Lyon

Reflection and design of future technological objects integrated into the human body


Letterpress, Julien Saniel, Lyon

Initiation to this printing process & urban installation design

Internship at the fiduciary printing house of the Banque de France, Chamalières

Bank notes’ graphic chain discovery